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We get exposed to a vast amount of air contamination, both while staying indoors or going outdoors. This contamination causes lung diseases, cancer, skin problems, vision issues, fatigue, and so many other health issues. We use air purifiers in the bedroom or living room and get fresh air to stay safe, and that’s okay. But, what about going outside or walking away from the room that has the purifier? 

This is where the DC air purifiers come in handy; they are usually small, portable, even wearable sometimes. However, getting the best battery operated air purifier isn’t easy because there are countless criteria to consider. Our in-house air purifier experts have been through the best options in the market and suggested the right ones today. Stick to the article; I’ll introduce you to the best DC air purifiers today that you can rely on. 

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4 Best Battery Operated Air Purifier – Buying Guide And Review 2020 1

Small Portable Personal Air Purifier | Wearable | Lithium Battery Powered

4 Best Battery Operated Air Purifier – Buying Guide And Review 2020 2

AirTamer A302 | Small Personal and Portable Air Purifier | Lithium Battery Operated

4 Best Battery Operated Air Purifier – Buying Guide And Review 2020 3

Ninuo Air Purifier with UVLamp – True HEPA Filter Air Purifiers

4 Best Battery Operated Air Purifier – Buying Guide And Review 2020 4

Air Purifier Ozone Generator Machine Portable

4 Best Battery Operated Air Purifier – Buying Guide And Review 2020 5

Breathe Green – Personal Travel Mini Portable Air Purifier

The 5 Best Battery Operated Air Purifier Reviews 2020

Picking the best battery operated air purifier is surely a hard job, but that can be easy if you get an expert suggestion. Here are the 5 best battery-operated air purifiers that can help you start breathing fresh air today, wherever you go, whenever you breath:


1. Small Portable Personal Air Purifier | Wearable | Lithium Battery Powered

Small Portable Personal Air Purifier | Wearable | Lithium Battery Powered

This small portable air purifier from InvisiClean comes with some high-end features that make it the best personal air purifier. It eliminates pollen, mold, virus, bacteria, smoke, dust, and other hazardous items to help you breathe safe air. On top of that, it comes with a negative Ion generator to make the air even healthier and improve your mood as well. 

You can use this compact air purifier to clean the air within 1-2 feet, which means you’re right inside fresh air. It has a clip to hook it to your belt or breast pocket or a strap to hang it with your neck; it also sits straight on surfaces. There is no electric connectivity needed with it because it has a rechargeable long-lasting Lithium battery up to 240 hours. 

Its small form factor of only 2.7 inches isn’t the end of its conveniences; it doesn’t have any moving parts or fans inside. The technology does a great job with the ionizer; there is no noise at all with this purifier. Operating it is straightforward as well; you charge the battery, switch it on, and it’s up with its job, producing clean air for you. 

Small Portable Personal Features:

  • This personal air purifier has coverage of 1-2 feet around the device to clean the air.
  • It eliminates dust, smoke, pollen, mold, virus, and bacteria with negative ionic technology. 
  • You can use it for about 240 hours with only a single charge with its lithium-ion battery. 
  • It has a clip design for hooking with a belt or shirt and a strap for hanging with the neck. 
  • The form factor of this device is only 2.7 inches and has a zero noise level.

2. AirTamer A302 | Small Personal and Portable Air Purifier | Lithium Battery Operated 

AirTamer A302 | Small Personal and Portable Air Purifier | Lithium Battery Operated

The AirTamer A302 is a battery operated portable air purifier that emits over 2 million negative ions each second. It eliminates airborne pollutants like pollen, smoke, dust, germs, bacteria, and other allergens to help you breathe fresh. You can use it for 7 straight days on a single coin-cell battery continuously, which is ideal for any trip outside. 

Its cleaning coverage is 3 feet radius around your breathing space, which means you’re not breathing in pollutants anymore. With only 0.11 pound and 3″ footprint, you can carry it, wear it around the neck, or hook to the pocket or belt. The neck strap is a proprietary conductive lanyard, an extended part of the negative ion generator inside the device.

You’re getting the electrostatic anti-pollution technology that provides you 9-times more purification than regular air purifiers. The machine doesn’t have any sort of moving parts or fans inside; you have zero noise level to tolerate with it. Two coin cell batteries and a travel case come with this purifier for safer and seamless user experience. 

AirTamer A302 Features:

  • The AirTamer purifier cleans the air using over 2 million negative ions each second.
  • It takes a coin-cell battery to run, supporting it for 7 days of continuous use. 
  • You can use it for air purification within a 3 feet radius around your breathing space. 
  • It comes with a small 3″ footprint and weighs only 0.11 pounds for portable carrying.
  • You’ll get electrostatic anti-pollution technology with it for 9-times more purification. 

3. Ninuo Air Purifier with UVLamp – True HEPA Filter Air Purifiers 

Ninuo Air Purifier with UVLamp – True HEPA Filter Air Purifiers

The Ninuo air purifier with true HEPA filter is a great choice if you want extended and superior air purification. It also has a UV purification lamp with the HEPA filter to eliminate up to 99.9% of the airborne pollutants. Along with cleaning the allergens, pollen, dust, germs, and bacteria, it also deodorizes the air and captures PM2.5 with the activated carbon filter. 

It can cover from 345 up to 500 sq. ft. of a room, whether it’s a bedroom, living room, bathroom, or car. With two fan speed options, you can set it for your desired power setting. For the power option, it runs on both AC or DC, which increases the conveniences to another height. You can keep it running for all day on AC and get 2 hours of battery backup on the rechargeable battery. 

Although it has a whole bunch of high-end options and a high-precision cleaning capability, it has a very low noise level. The maximum fan speed option makes only 45 dB of noise, which is fairly okay for sleep time. Its 9-inches low-profile, minimalist design will blend into your home, car, office, or outdoor perfectly and get you a superior air purification.

Ninuo Air Purifier Features:

  • This air purifier comes with a HEPA filter to eliminate up to 99.9% pollutants in the air.
  • It stabilizes the area with a UV purification lamp and has a deodorizer for the smell. 
  • You can cover from 345 up to 500 sq. ft. with this purifier to keep a room allergens-free.
  • It runs on both AC or DC power, where the battery can get you 2 hours of power backup.
  • The fan has two speed levels and makes only 45 dB of noise on this air purifier. 

4. Air Purifier Ozone Generator Machine Portable

Air Purifier Ozone Generator Machine Portable

The Samisoler air purifier is more of an ozone generator, which does a great job eliminating any contaminant in the air. Its oxidative decomposition capability can disinfect the surroundings in almost any place because of the safe design. You can use it outdoors, indoor, refrigerator, wardrobe, pet area, shoe cabinet, and any other place that needs purification. 

It comes with a compact yet multifunctional design for disinfection and deodorization, both at the same time. Using this mini ozone air purifier is super simple as it works with a single press on a button and is rechargeable. The 3000mAh fast-charging battery will get you over 9 days of usage backup with a single charge at 60mg/h. 

You can use it with 3 different working modes; energy-saving, normal, and efficient mode depending on the situation. It has zero noise level, and the 3.4-inches, 5-oz small footprint allows you to put or take it anywhere with the lanyard. The CE, FC, and RoHS certifications for this small ozone generator prove its superior sterilizing and disinfection capability. 

Air Purifier Ozone Generator Features:

  • This air purifier works by generating ozone for disinfection and deodorization. 
  • It comes with 3 operational options, normal, energy-saving, and efficient mode.
  • You’ll get a 3000 mAh battery to backup for 9 days of wireless operation at 60mg/h. 
  • The ozone generator comes with a zero noise level with no moving part inside.
  • Its CE, FC, and RoHS certifications ensure that it does what it’s created for. 

5. Breathe Green – Personal Travel Mini Portable Air Purifier

Breathe Green – Personal Travel Mini Portable Air PurifierThe Breathe Green is the best travel air purifier because of the clever design and technological advancements. It emits over 7 million negative ions each second; you can get full protection from the pollutants around you with it. With that much negative ions eliminate formaldehyde, smoke, dust, viruses, bacteria, and pollen effortlessly with its negative ion generator. 

It works with a rechargeable battery to keep it wireless and more convenient for you. You can run it for 30 straight hours with a single charge of 60 minutes, indoors, outdoors, car, or elsewhere. There are no filters or any moving parts in it; so you will have zero noise level and greater efficiency for the backup time. 

You can wear this tiny device like a locket, and it’ll help you breathe in pure air all the time. If you’re an asthma patient and need to breathe only pure air, this would be the device you want for sure. It will not only eliminate the pollutants around you but also keep you safe from colds, flu, fever, and other respiratory complications.

Breathe Green Features:

  • This air purifier runs on a battery that runs for 30 hours with a charge of 60 minutes.
  • It emits 7 million negative ions each second to eliminate any pollutants or allergens.
  • There is zero noise level in this ozone generator because it has no moving parts inside.
  • You can wear this purifier on your neck like a locket for a fresh breathing space.
  • It has no filters that need new ones every few months for recurring replacement costs. 

Reasons to Use a Battery Operated Air Purifier

Air purifiers are great at keeping you safe from vast contaminations around you, but why battery-operated ones? Here are the reasons why you should consider getting a battery-operated air purifier instead or alongside a stationary one: 

Traveling With Allergies:

Let’s put, the biggest bummer for the stationary air purifiers is they’re not friendly to the travelers. Especially if a patient with asthma issues wants to travel far, it’s nearly impossible to go free in the air. There are pollutants and allergens everywhere, and a battery-powered air purifier is just the solution for that. 

Effortless Personal Care:

Another big advantage of using a battery-operated air purifier is the effortless personal care. If you have a stationary air purifier, you know how hard it is to get the best out of the device. You have to set it in the right orientation, get the right speed and timing for that. With a battery-operated purifier, it’s all-effortless and a great solution to that issue. You just wear it and forget it’s there; it’ll keep getting you clean air to breathe in. 

No Power Hassle:

Powering up a stationary air purifier is a hell of a hassle, especially if you’re camping out or don’t have electricity. However, the battery-operated air purifiers bring a solution to that and help you purify the air without any power sources. The best part of these air purifiers is that even if you run out of battery, it’s no hassle at all. You can easily replace the battery or recharge it with a power bank! 

They’re Wearable:

By far, it’s the most important part of the battery-operated air purifiers that I suggest getting them for. Unlike the stationary air purifiers, these ones are wearable, and it’s like wearing a locket on the neck or keeping a pager. I love this convenience of effortless air purification with a wearable device that doesn’t draw any hassle on me. 

Usable Any Time:

We don’t use air purifiers all the time, that’s not even practical, but sometimes it becomes essential. If you’re out and need fresh air, it’s no brainer that the battery-operated air purifiers handle the situation properly. You can just take it out, hit the power button, hang it on your neck, and there you go! You have a seamless fresh air for your breathing space because they have just the right coverage most of the time. 

No Noise Issues:

Noise can be a big issue for most of the stationary air purifier users because it really is! However, if you use a battery-powered portable air purifier, noise is not an issue because you’ll get zero noise level. The battery-powered personal air purifiers usually don’t have any moving parts inside that can make a noise. 

How to Clean an Air Purifier?

Using a battery-operated personal air purifier and a stationary full-size air purifier isn’t the same. They have different usages as well as different cleaning methods; here is a generic idea and steps of cleaning an air purifier: 

Opening the Purifier:

Depending on what type of purifier you’re using, opening the machine will have different processes to open it up. If it has a push-open lid, get it out and store it somewhere safe where you won’t forget. 

Start With the Pre-Filter:

After opening the lid, you have to get the pre-filter out and clean it properly because it’s the most contaminated. All the large debris and bigger objects stay on the pre-filter, so it’s important to clean it thoroughly. If it’s a washable filter, you can wash that with clean water and detergent if that’s okay with it. 

Clean the HEPA and other filters:

The HEPA filter and the activated carbon filter are the most crucial parts of the cleaning process. You have to be very careful while cleaning them because they can be fragile and manipulating them can be devastating. Clean them with a soft microfiber cloth that doesn’t scratch the surface of the filter. 

Cleaning the Ion Generator:

Ion generators are more common in battery-operated portable air purifiers and you won’t have to do much to clean it. The way it takes the air in has to stay clean and that’s where you pay your attention. Clean the airway with a soft brush and wipe it with a clean rag to keep it clutter-free. 

Keeping the Battery Housing Clean:

It’s important for the battery-operated air purifiers; you have to clean the housing with care as well. The battery connector builds rust and other materials that may interrupt the current flow for the machine. Clean it with a rag dipped with alcohol to get a good clearance for the power flow. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most frequently asked questions about using air purifiers that people are asking about around the web: 

Does an Air Purifier Clean the Air?

Yes, an air purifier can clean the air surrounding you and deliver fresh air to breathe in. If you have respiratory health issues, the air purifier can help you get fresh air in your lungs.

Do Air Purification Systems Work?

Air purifiers are the best option if you have respiratory issues with the fresh air you need. However, you have to use it the right way, following the proper timer settings for the best results.

Should I Sleep With an Air Purifier On?

Yes, you can sleep with an air purifier running beside you if you want to have fresh air while sleeping. However, don’t forget to use the smart timer settings or sleep mode in the Mancine.

Are Air Purifiers a Waste of Money?

If you have respiratory issues or want to stay out of it, an air purifier is the most necessary item. It will be worth the money when it will keep the air in the room pure and save you from several issues.

Do Air Purifiers Remove Cold Germs?

Yes, air purifiers do a great job at cleaning the cold germs, bacteria, and viruses that cause fever and cold. If you have long-term lung issues or flu, an air purifier helps you stay safe.

Final Thought

Maintaining better mental and respiratory health can be a great option if you use a battery-operated personal air purifier. They work with ozone and negative ion generators, and they are popular as happy elements. I hope you’ve found the best battery operated air purifier after getting this review. 

However, if you’re confused about which purifier would be the best overall, my expert suggestion would be getting the AirTamer A302. It comes with a better coverage radius of 3 feet around your breathing space. Its conductive lanyard and the negative ion generator will keep your breathing and mentality sound. Plus, it runs with a coin-cell battery that runs for 7 days with a single charge.