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Researches show that the air trapped within your home is 2 to 5 times more contaminated compared to the air outside. An air purifier does a great job purifying the air inside your home and keeping it healthy and fresh. However, most air purifiers take extra space and make a clutter on the floor, especially if you have kids. Wall mounted air purifiers can solve that issue and keep both the floor and the air neat and clean for you. 

As there are many differences between regular air purifiers and wall-mounted ones, selecting the best wall mounted air purifier isn’t easy. With that note, our in-house air purifier experts have been through the best products in the market and have a list of those that actually stand out. Stick to the article; I’ll help you pick the best air purifier that can keep you and your family safe.

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5 Best Wall Mounted Air Purifier Reviews of 2020 – Our 5 Picks! 1

Rabbitair Minusa2 Ultra Quiet Hepa Air Purifier W/wifi

5 Best Wall Mounted Air Purifier Reviews of 2020 – Our 5 Picks! 2

LEVOIT Air Purifier for Home Large Room, Smoke and Odor Eliminator

5 Best Wall Mounted Air Purifier Reviews of 2020 – Our 5 Picks! 3

LNLN Air Purifier Wall-Mounted/Desktop/Home

5 Best Wall Mounted Air Purifier Reviews of 2020 – Our 5 Picks! 4

Webetop HEPA Air Purifiers for Home Office Bedrooms Wall-Mounted Air Purifier

5 Best Wall Mounted Air Purifier Reviews of 2020 – Our 5 Picks! 5

TREKOO Ozone Generator Ionizer Air Purifier Home Odor Remover Deodorizer

5 Best Wall Mounted Air Purifier Reviews 2020

Getting a wall mounted air purifier is the best option if you have a small house or don’t want clutter on the floor. Here are the best wall mounted air purifier machines in the market that can get you the purest air in the home

Best Wall Mounted Air Purifier

1. Rabbitair Minusa2 Ultra Quiet Hepa Air Purifier W/wifi

Rabbitair Minusa2 Ultra Quiet Hepa Air Purifier W/wifi

The RabbitAir MinusA2 is by far the best smart air purifier in the list with both wall-mounting and standalone design. You can use it for filtering up to 815 sq. ft. twice an hour either by mounting on the wall, or put on the floor. Controlling it is a charm because it comes with wifi connectivity and compatible with Amazon Alexa or phone app. 

It also has a physical control panel on-board, or you can use the included remote controller to operate it. There are 6-stage filtrations in this purifier, including a pre-filter, a medium filter, BioGS HEPA, Custom allergens filter, an Activated carbon filter, and a negative ion generator. It can easily eliminate 99.97% germs, dander, odor, mold, pollen smaller than 0.3 microns with all these filters.

You won’t have to tweak and adjust the wall mounted air purifier every time because it comes with a smart light sensor. It adapts to the ambiance and goes to sleep mode when the lights are off in the house. The BLDC motor is super quiet and highly efficient as well. If you’re an allergy sufferer and want to breathe the purest air, the MinusA2 purifier will be the best choice. 

Rabbitair Minusa2 Features:

  • This wall mounted air purifier can filter up to 815 sq. ft. space twice in an hour and filter the air. 
  • You can use it both standalone on a flat surface or mount it to a wall for the best output. 
  • Its BLDC motor is super quiet and runs without making any irritating noise. 
  • You can filter 99.97% germs and viruses smaller than 0.3 microns with its 6-stage filter.
  • It comes with Wifi connectivity and is compatible with Alexa, controllable with a phone app.

2. LEVOIT Air Purifier for Home Large Room, Smoke and Odor Eliminator

LEVOIT Air Purifier for Home Large Room, Smoke and Odor Eliminator

The Levoit air purifier comes with 3-stages high-quality filtration layers, an activated carbon layer, a pre-filter, and the HEPA filter. Its carbon filtration is superior to others with a honeycomb design for absorbing smoke and odor more effectively. Plus, the true HEPA filter will eliminate pollen, dust, mold spore, and dander up to 99.97% that are larger than 0.3 microns. 

It works with some cutting-edge technologies along with a slick control panel design, including a live air quality tester. You’ll get a live update of how good the air is, and you don’t even have to control it yourself to change the mode! The automated filtration sensor will adjust the fan speed at a low noise level of 27 dB for sleep mode. 

You can cover up to 900 sq. ft. of a room with this air purifier in an hour. Plus, it covers 360 sq. ft. at the highest speed, and 500 sq. ft in half an hour. It has a touch-capacitive control panel within a low price range, which makes it the most affordable air purifier. If you’re looking for an affordable wall-mountable air purifier with high-end technologies, Levoit is the solution.

LEVOIT Air Purifier Features:

  • This Levoit air purifier can cover 900 sq. ft. in an hour, 500 sq. ft twice an hour.
  • It can eliminate 99.97% of allergens and pollutants that are larger than 0.3 microns. 
  • The noise level of its fan is only 27 dB to keep it comfortable for the ears. 
  • It works with a touch-capacitive control panel with an automatic air quality sensor on-board.
  • There are 3 filtration stages in it: a pre-filter with true HEPA, and an activated carbon filter.

3. LNLN Air Purifier Wall-Mounted/Desktop/Home

LNLN Air Purifier Wall-Mounted/Desktop/Home

The LNLN wall mounted Air Purifier is a truly versatile machine that works for both wall mount and desktop placement. It’s controllable with both a touch-capacitive control panel or the included remote controller, which makes it the best desktop air purifier. It works with four-stage filtration; a cold catalyst filter, activated carbon filters, a primary filter, and the true HEPA filter. 

All these filters can eliminate up to 99.97% of the airborne pollutants, including dust, pollen, mold, VOCs, PM2.5 like smoke, and odor. Its 360° air circulation design will always keep the air in its best state and purify it right away with an automated detector. Yes, it comes with an automated air quality detector to determine how fast the machine works. 

You’re getting a dual-fan design for a faster and more efficient filtration with it, yet it has a noise level of as low as 50dB. It has UV sterilization technology along with an aroma box on-board which is another great feature of this wall-mounted air purifier. It’s included aroma design allows you to use any fragrant flowers or spices to make the room a better place to breathe.

LNLN Air Purifier Features:

  • This purifier comes with multiple filters like cold catalyst, true HEPA, and activated carbon.
  • It can kill 99.97% of the pollutants like dust, pollen, mold, PM2.5, odor, and TVOC.
  • The air circulation of this wall mounted air purifier is 360° for the most optimal output. 
  • It has a dual-fan design to ensure a faster filtration, but a noise level of only 50dB.
  • You can also sterilize the air with its UV sterilizer and deodorize with the aroma box. 

4. Webetop HEPA Air Purifiers for Home Office Bedrooms Wall-Mounted Air Purifier

Webetop HEPA Air Purifiers for Home Office Bedrooms Wall-Mounted Air Purifier

The Webetop is a great wall mounted air purifier with a pre-filter, an Activated carbon filter, HEPA, HESA filter to eliminate pollutants. It doesn’t only kill up to 99.97% of them but also sterilizes allergens down to 0.3 microns with a UV sterilizer. Plus, it works both laid on a floor or mounted to the wall; so, it’s suitable for both office and home.

It’s a good quality air purifier because it has a smart air quality sensor that notifies you if the air inside is pure. The sensor also detects PM 2.5 and cleans the air for patients with allergic problems automatically. You can also control it manually with 4 fan speed levels and put it on sleep mode for 30 minutes up to 7.5 hours. 

Controlling this filter is easy with the included remote controller along with the physical control panel. It doesn’t stop shining there; you can also get a real-time temperature and humidity sensor to get a live update. All the data and changes will appear on the LCD screen, and you can see how many pollutants have been sterilized. 

Webetop HEPA Air Purifiers Features:

  • This purifier can clean the air from pollutants down to0.3 microns and sterilize with UV.
  • It has multiple purifying layers, including pre-filter, HEPA, HESA, Activated carbon layer.
  • You can control the purifier with the remote controller and monitor the LCD screen. 
  • It comes with 4 fan speed levels to ensure the maximum flexibility at purification. 
  • The machine has a sleep mode to set a timer for 30 minutes up to 7.5 hours.

5. TREKOO Ozone Generator Ionizer Air Purifier Home Odor Remover Deodorizer

TREKOO Ozone Generator Ionizer Air Purifier Home Odor Remover DeodorizerThe Trekoo air purifier isn’t only a machine that purifies the air but also releases ozone to keep it healthy. It has a nano-activated carbon filter for air filtration to eliminate pollutants, viruses, bacteria, smoke, etc. You won’t have to replace the filter in the purifier anymore because it’s reusable for 15 years. 

It increases the oxygen level of the room using a ceramic ozone plate emitting 1 million negative ions a second. The smart motion sensor on the purifier will detect if a person is in the room and accelerate the working process. You’re not only getting better air with it, but also saving on electric bills with the auto sleep mode.

You can use this wall-mounted air purifier either by hanging it to the wall or putting on the floor or a desk. The ozone generator will generate negative ions for 2 minutes every 4 minutes and keep the environment healthy. When it detects no one in the room, it goes into sleep mode or you can set it manually. Its natural fan sound is ultra-quiet at only 20dB, making it the best air purifier for the living room.

TREKOO Ozone Generator Features:

  • This machine comes with a nano-activated carbon filter technology for superior cleaning.
  • The filter is reusable and lasts for up to 15 years; you can wash it to clean and reuse it. 
  • It comes with a smart motion sensor technology to detect if nobody is in for sleep mode.
  • You’ll get an ultra-quiet fan in it, which runs at only 20dB to keep your sleep peaceful. 
  • It generates 1 million negative ions for 2 minutes every 4 minutes to increase oxygen. 

How to Install the Wall Mounted Air Purifier?

A wall mounted air purifier undoubtedly is a great option, especially if you need an elegant and clutter-free home. However, mounting it to the wall can be a little more difficult than using a portable air purifier. Here is how you can mount an air purifier to the wall after getting a compatible machine:

Determine the place:

The first step is to determine the spot on the wall where you want to hang the air purifier. There are some things to consider in this step; you need to keep it at least 2 feet down from the ceiling. You have to keep at least 8 inches of a gap from each side for the purifier for the side clearance. This gap will give the air purifier a breathing space and help it work with most efficiency. If it’s an AC machine, you’ll need a plug as well; decide a place where you have that ready. 

Mark the wall and drill the holes:

After determining the place for the purifier, take a pencil and a level to trace the place. Measure the distance of one hole on the bracket to another to avoid miss-drill. Put the level against the wall, keep it precisely even, and trace the places where you want the holes. Now, take a drill and carefully make two holes or three depending on how many holes you have on the bracket. 

Attach the bracket:

Now that you have the holes on the wall, take the bracket and screw it to the wall. Don’t forget to use wall plugs before screwing the bracket in place, or it won’t be firm. To fit it firmly, you must drill deep enough to perfectly hold the air purifier to the wall. Remember, you have to attach the bracket in the right orientation to avoid re-doing the whole process. 

Detach the purifier base:

It’s time to concentrate on the air purifier after you’re done with the wall part of the process. If you’re mounting a dual-purpose machine, it may come with a detachable base underneath; you have to detach that. Unscrew and base and slide it out from the body of the air purifier and store it in a secure place. 

Prepare the air purifier:

Now, you have to prepare the air purifier; first, you need to use the protective disks to keep it from scratching with the wall. Look for protective disks or blocks included in the box and stick them to the bottom back of the machine. Most manufacturers include protective disks in the box, so you don’t have to buy any after-market protectors. If there are screws or blocking systems for the hook, remove that too. 

Mount the purifier and test:

Now, everything is ready; it’s time to mount the air purifier in its place on the wall. Hold it with both hands and place it gently on the bracket aligning it with the hooks of the purifier in the back. Take your time to place it, and don’t let go until you’re satisfied that it’s firmly in its place. Connect the power and start the machine to test run the purifier for the first time. 

Why Use a Wall Mounted Purifier?

Both a regular or a wall-mounted air purifier helps you breathe in pure air in your home or office. So, why a wall mounted air purifier specifically, and how does it benefit over the regular ones? Here is why: 

  • Saving space: Often the air purifier makes clutter on the floor and kids play with them. You can avoid those issues if you get a wall mounted air purifier and mount it on the wall.
  • Better look: An air purifier on the floor doesn’t make an esthetic stand-out among the other items in the room. When you mount it to the wall, it makes the wall esthetically more pleasing and increases the overall outlook.
  • Better control: Placing an air purifier behind the couch makes you go near it for controlling it. Wall mounted purifiers come with remote controllers and have no blockages in between; controlling them is easier.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here, I’ll answer some of the most frequently asked questions about wall mounted air purifiers that people are asking around the web: 

Where Should Air Purifiers Be Placed?

The best place for an air purifier is at least 6 feet away from your bed or your head while sleeping. It will draw the maximum air and have enough room to circulate it then.

Should I Sleep With an Air Purifier On?

You can sleep with the air purifier turned on all night just fine if you want. It’s the best option to turn the sleep or timer mode on before you go to sleep, or the auto settings if your purifier has it.

How Long Does it Take for an Air Purifier to Clean a Room?

It depends on how efficient a purifier you’re using and how big a room you’re in. Typically, most air purifiers take about 30 minutes to 2 hours to clean a room, and they keep it on a cycle.

Should I Have an Air Purifier in Every Room?

If you have the budget and need for an air purifier in every room, you can buy separate purifiers. However, if you’re tight on budget, you can get a high-efficient machine and use it on a roster.

Do Doctors Recommend Air Purifiers?

Yes, doctors do recommend using air purifiers, especially for patients with respiratory issues. Lung patients must breathe fresh air, and doctors recommend using a good air purifier for that.

Final Verdict

An air purifier keeps the air in your room clean and breathable all time by filtering the nasty things in the air. Wall mounted air purifiers get you better convenience and keep your house clutter-free as well. I hope, after getting through this article, you’ve found the best wall mounted air purifier that fits all your needs. 

However, if you’re still confused about the best air purifier overall, I can suggest you get the Rabbitair Minusa2 Air Purifier. You can use it both mounted to the wall or laid on a floor and has a superior purification capability of 815 sq. ft. in only 30 minutes. It has the BioGS HEPA filter with a custom allergens filter to eliminate 99.97% pollutants down to 0.3 microns.