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8 Things to Consider: How To Choose An Air Purifier

The atmosphere inside your home might have more pollution than the outside air because of so many pollutants inside. According to the EPA, the pollution concentration in the indoor air can be double, even five times higher than outdoors. Smoke from the kitchen, smoking cigars, trapped mold in a narrow space, pet dander, ragweed, and … Read more


Mooka Air Purifier Reviews In 2020 – Top 3 Picks!

Air pollution is the most dangerous thing that you cannot just escape from, even in your bedroom. Pollutants such as the smoke from your kitchen, the burning woods, trapped mice are creating a hazardous environment in your house. An air purifier works really great, filtering the pollutant particles from the air you’re breathing. Mooka Air … Read more


Blueair Air Purifier Reviews In 2020 – Top 3 Model

According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, if you stay exposed to high dust particles, you’ll get various lung functions. That’s why getting an air purifier is the best thing you can do for your vital inner body parts. Blueair air purifiers keep you out of Volatile organic compounds and filter fine pollutant particles even … Read more