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Have you been suffering from breathing problems lately, or a family member has asthma or other lung problems? The reason might be the invisible pollutant particles in the air in your house. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the pollutant concentration inside a home can be two to five times higher than the air outside. That’s legit, because the air inside the home is more stable than the outside, and you have pollution sources inside.

Sources like smoke from cigars or kitchen, pet dander, mold, rotten food, dead insects, trapped in a narrow space are all making the air hazardous. That’s where an air purifier comes into the play as it effectively keeps the air inside the house pure and breathable. Air purifiers have tons of benefits that can be life-saving. Stick to the article to get through the most anticipated benefits of an air purifier.


Do Air Purifiers Really Work?

Air purifiers are great options if you’re having a problem with the air inside your house. However, the big question about them is, are room air purifiers effective in the first place, or it’s just a hoax? Well, the answer is yes, they work, but you have to be sure that you’re getting a good purifier with the capable hardware inside. You must know the things you want to have in it, such as the HEPA filter, Activated carbon filter, UV rays, and so on are. They all are capable of effectively filtering out all the pollutants from the air and keeping you safe from getting sick.

Benefits Of An Air Purifier

The reason for most of the respiratory diseases and distresses is the prevalent pollution in the air. Knowing the way of preventing the air from developing lung disease is definitely a great thing. Here are the Benefits of an air purifier that can help you get better health, both mentally and physically:

Benefits Of An Air Purifier

Alleviating asthma:

Chronic asthma is the most common disease that causes over 10 million missed days at school in the US. Most of the time, the reason for this kind of respiratory problem is the pollutants in the air they live in. That indicates the importance of the pure air in their living place they spend most of the time. An air purifier can help you achieve the purity of the air and help you alleviate the asthma problem.

Dealing with allergens:

There are always too many allergens in our houses that come from various sources in your house. If you have an allergic problem, it may get a trigger from the dust mites, pollutant particles, mold, or pet dander. Getting an air purifier will help you get rid of all the allergies you have in your bedroom and keep you safe from allergens.

Stay safe from chronic respiratory illnesses:

All the respiratory diseases occur when you get some pollutant particles around your bronchial tubes of lungs. Particles with a diameter of fewer than 0.10 microns can get directly into the lungs and cause mild inflammation. The mild inflammation becomes severe with time and develops a severe respiratory disease. There are several sensors and filter systems in an air purifier that filters these hazardous particles and give you a better respiratory system.

Getting rid of tobacco smoke:

Tobacco smoke is the most dangerous pollutant in a closed room, especially if you don’t have an excellent ventilation system. They cause lung and throat cancer, which is absolutely unnecessary for humans. The air purifiers come with the activated carbon filter in them, which helps you get rid of the tobacco smoke. It also sucks and absorbs the smoke from your kitchen and other dangerous gaseous particles.

Stay safe from pet dander:

If you have a pet in your house, and you’re trying to live healthy without taking care of the pet dander, that’s nothing but a dream. Ped dander is a severe problem, especially for respiratory diseases like asthma, allergies, throat irritation, and so on. Pet dander is so small in size that they can get into your respiratory system easily and make their way into the lungs. If they can get there, you might have a chance to get infected and possibly get a life threat. If you can get the best air purifier for pets, it will detect the pet danders with its sensors and get rid of that for you.

Relinquishing Radon gas:

Radon gas is the reason for at least 21,000 deaths in the USA each year, even though you know less about it. It forms from the uranium that is in the water, rock, or soil through the building’s bricks and floor. More prolonged exposure to radon gas can cause lung cancer, breathing problems, and so many other problems. You can get over it if you have a very good ventilation system in your room, an air purifier will keep it out as well.

Remove insects:

Insects are a big problem, especially when it comes to infectious ones, such as dengue, which causes malaria. The air purifiers can fight these insects more effectively than a spray would. They come with a UV ray filter system that is the best option to keep the insects out of your room or kill them if they get in. The purifiers also work great if any insect dies in a narrow place in your room and spreads bad smell with its HEPA and activated carbon filters.

Contamination in health clinics:

Health clinics and the hospitals are the places where the viruses and bacteria make their address. Fighting them requires the right equipment, and an air purifier can be the best option if you’re dealing with such a situation. It will help you get rid of the mosquitos, the virus, and bacteria with its HEPA air purification system. It also helps you deal with Carbon Dioxide in your room and get a better environment in your clinic.

Allaying the VOC:

The Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) is the reason for getting hazardous diseases like Lymphoma and Leukemia. The VOC releases from the household things like the paint on the wall, air fresheners, the adhesive on your reading table, dry cleaned clothing, aerosols, and so on. They can cause you problems like burning throat, stinging eyes, nausea, and a bad smell in the home. The VOC sensors and the filter system that the air purifiers come with can help you deal with them as well.

How To Choose An Air Purifier?

Air purifiers can provide a ton of health benefits, but if you don’t know How to choose an air purifier, you cannot get the most out of it. Here are some things you should know if you want to have the benefits with full potential:

How To Choose An Air Purifier

  • Filter system: Air purifiers come with two types of filter system: HEPA or Electrostatic filter. Choose the one you need the most, HEPA filters are replaceable and filter more pollutant.
  • Activated Carbon filter: You must have the activated carbon filter in your air purifier to filter smoke, fume, pet dander, odor, and bad smell.
  • Controlling system: You should go with a purifier that you can control with a remote controller, or Wifi, and voice control.

If you’re interested to know on the topic, check out this in-depth article on how to choose an air purifier.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most frequent questions about air purifiers people talk and ask about:

Are air purifiers safe?

Yes, air purifiers are safe to use if you don’t have any problem with your electricity outlet.

Do air purifiers help you sleep better?

Yes, they filter the toxicity from the air and produce better air to your lungs for better sleep.

Where should I place my air purifier?

Place your air purifier 5-6 feet away from your head, in an open area in your room.

Final Thought

An air purifier helps your family breathe in fresh and clean air, free from pollutants. As the indoor air contains more pollutants and your family breaths in it, you get the responsibility to get a solution. It’s the machine that can neutralize the bad smell, smoke, bad smell, pet dander, mold spores, and the benefits of an air purifier is endless.

Try to get a purifier that offers the essential filters and benefits, such as HEPA, activated carbon filter, UV ray filter with a preliminary filter as well. Ensuring all the necessary features in your air purifier will help you stay out of most of the upper respiratory diseases.

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