Best 3 Green Air Purifier Reviews of 2021

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The air inside your home has nowhere near the purity of the air outside; it has 2-5 times more contamination. An air purifier can be the simplest yet the most effective way to get rid of airborne pollutants and pathogens. When you’re after the most sophisticated air purifier, Green air is one of the most dependable brands in the US.

However, selecting one from their all air purifiers may become confusing as they have a big lineup. Therefore, we have come up with the green air purifier reviews to help you determine which model you should go with. If you want to get the best green air purifier without guess working, read this article with expert reviews.

About This Brand:

Geen air is one of the most renowned air purifier manufacturers in the USA based in California. They have been making the most sophisticated and futuristic and popular air purifiers for well over 16 years. Both ozone-based and non-ozone air purifiers are their field of expertise which makes them versatile manufacturers and researchers.

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We’ve selected the best air purifiers from both the Green air purifier lineups and here’s a summary of them. You can determine which one meets all your criteria and has the capability of purifying the air in your house:





Green Air Encore HEPA and Odor Fighting Filter Air Purifier

Green Air Deluxe 3 Plate HEPA and Odor Fighting Filter Alpine Air Purifier

Green Air Classic Air Purifier Ozone Generator

Top 3 Green Air Purifier Reviews In 2021

Green air has two air purifiers lineups with multiple models; therefore, we’ve selected the best 3 among them. Here are the best green air purifier reviews that are compatible with houses, hospitals, hall rooms, and other places:

Green Air Purifier Reviews

1. Green Air Encore HEPA and Odor Fighting Filter Air Purifier

Green Air Encore HEPA and Odor Fighting Filter Air PurifierThe Encore is a flagship model from Green Air that works with the latest purification technologies. It gives you a coverage of 1000 sq. ft. which makes it perfect for large rooms, medium hall or living rooms. You’ll get a CARD value of 250 with which it cleans 350 sq. ft. of an area every 12 minutes. Not only that, its air intake is 3-directional which maximizes its capability of cleaning the air more efficiently.

Besides, there are 3 levels of purification in this machine including a pre-filter, a HEPA, and a multifunctional carbon filter. The pre-filter eliminates the larger debris which you can also wash while cleaning. Plus, its HEPA filter takes care of viruses, bacteria, pathogens, mold spores, and all the other airborne pollutants. With the activated carbon filter, you’ll eliminate all the bad odors, and smoke from your room quickly.

You’ll get an LED light with 4 color schemes to know the current air quality in your home. No worries about the light in the night, it offers night mode alongside silent mode to help you sleep well. However, the highest fan speed setting also is silent and quiet with only 40 dB of noise. The purifier is impressively noise-free for the size of this filter, not to mention the auto ambience mode!

For Whom Is This Product Designed?

The Green Air Encore is a perfect air purifier for those who need to purify air with no ozone emission. If you have a room, house, or place no more than 1000 sq. ft, go for this one. It doesn’t only have the latest filtration technology, but also offers an air quality indicator with a dedicated control panel.

Why Do We Love It?
  • Has an esthetic air quality indicator
  • Good enough coverage for any bedroom
  • Silent, Auto, and Night modes
  • HEPA and carbon filters are replaceable
  • 3-way intake for polluted air
What Should Improve?
  • No dedicated timer functionality

2. Green Air Deluxe 3 Plate HEPA and Odor Fighting Filter Alpine Air Purifier

Green Air Deluxe 3 Plate HEPA and Odor Fighting Filter Alpine Air Purifier

The Deluxe 3 is an ozone-based air purifier from Green Air that generates over 1080 mg of ozone an hour. For the air purification, it comes with a huge coverage of 3500 sq. ft, suitable for almost any large homes. It uses quadruple filters alongside the ozone generator to clean the air within the coverage.

You’ll get a Pre-filter for the large debris and dust, a HEPA filter for viruses, bacteria, pathogens, mold, and other airborne pollutants. An activated carbon filter inside this purifier will fight odor and smoke and a Photocatalytic filter sterilizes the air. On top of that, there’s anUV lamp in it to provide extra support, especially for respiratory patients.

You can release ozone with this machine to eradicate the pollutants emitted into the narrow spaces, walls, furniture, or floors. You’ll get two separate timers for both the ozone generator and the air purifier to turn on or off on their own. There’s an LCD display along with a full-size control panel to operate this machine alongside a remote controller.

For Whom Is This Product Designed?

If you’re looking for an extremely powerful air purifier for a huge house, this is the perfect machine for that. It doesn’t only clean the air with a quadruple filtration system, but also releases trillions of negative ions. The negative ions alongside an UV light trap dander, mold, dust particles floating in the air and eliminate them.

Why Do We Love It?
  • Dual timer for filters and ionizer
  • Quadruple filters with UV light
  • LCD display with extensive control panel
  • Huge coverage area of 3500 sq. ft.
  • Remote controler for better operation
What Should Improve?
  • Doesn’t come with a live air quality LED indicator

3. Green Air Classic Air Purifier Ozone Generator

Green Air Classic Air Purifier Ozone Generator

The Green Air Classic purifies the air with a carbon filtration system that eliminates the airborne contaminants in your room. It also fights odor, smoke, and bad smell and keeps you safe from respiratory issues within a 3500 ft. coverage. After that, the air goes through a PCO cell mechanism that purifies the air even deeper for the healthiest breathing.

You’ll also get an anion emitter on the front panel in front of the fan that releases trillions of negative ions into the air. This advanced negative ion generator eliminates dust, pet dander, and other harmful particles to give you oxygen-rich air. It also comes with a sterilizer UV lamp that you can use for eliminating strong odors such as tobacco, cooking, and pain.

Good news is, the emitted ozone will revert into oxygen within 40 minutes or so, making the air even oxygen-rich. You’ll get a built-in timer function with which you can set a time and it’ll turn on or off according to that. There’s an LCD panel to show you the current filtration status and timer functions alongside a dedicated control panel. It also has a remote control mechanism and comes with a remote controller

For Whom Is This Product Designed?

It’ll be the best option if you’re after an air purifier for odor elimination with a big coverage for a smaller budget. You’ll get a multi-functional activated carbon filter combined with a PCO cell inside this purifier to clean the air. Not only that, its negative ion generator and UV light will stabilize the indoor air you breath.

Why Do We Love It?
  • The biggest coverage area for the budget
  • Works with a single multifunctional carbon filter
  • Generates negative ion and has UV sterilizer light
  • Has both remote and onboard control panels
  • LED light with timer function for better purification
What Should Improve?
  • Doesn’t have the most esthetic outlook

Why Choose This Brand?

When you’re evaluating a particular brand for a specific product, their expertise plays a big role in reliability. There are a ton of reasons that make Green air one of the most reliable brands that manufacture air purifiers. Here are some:

  • Green air has been making air purifiers for over 16 years which is long enough to understand the mechanism inside-out. It gave them enough data and expertise to develop the most sophisticated machines in the market.
  • They have both negative ion generators and purification filters in their air purifiers for a deeper level of cleaning air.
  • UV light sterilization is a sophisticated air purification process and most of the Green air purifiers have it. You can fight strong odor, smoke, pet dander and allergens with it.
  • Most of the Green air purifiers have multiple ari purification mechanisms such as PCO , HEPA , activated carbon filter, etc.
  • You’ll get bigger coverages from the Green air purifiers compared to the ones from other manufacturers.

Final Thought

As a team of experts on HVAC and air purification, we rely on Green air and recommend them as well. There are legit reasons behind their reliability and that’s the intense amount of technology they put in their purifiers. We hope that you’ve also witnessed their air purifiers’ capability from these green air purifier reviews.

If you want the best value for money air purifier with the most advanced features, we’d suggest the Green Air Deluxe 3. It’s not only the most advanced air purifier, but also the most advanced negative ion generator. The coverage of this purifier is whopping 3500 sq. ft. and it generates 1080 mg of negative ions per hour. Furthermore, it has quadruple filters along with an UV light to purify and sterilize the air in your room.

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