Best Honeywell Airgenius 5 Air Purifier Reviews of 2021

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If you’ve been searching for the most efficient air purifier in the market, chances are, you’ve heard about Honeywell already. Honeywell makes some of the most advanced air purifiers and their engineers are real geniuses, just like their AirGenius series. As you need an efficient machine, giving you Honeywell Airgenius 5 air purifier reviews is the best way to help you out.

The AirGenius 5 should come first when it comes to selecting the most technologically advanced model with some cool features. Our expert team has researched all the Honeywell air purifiers, selected the AirGenius 5, and we’re reviewing it today. This article will get you through an advanced air purifier from Honeywell; so, stick to it before buying one.

Honeywell Airgenius 5 Air Purifier Reviews

The Airgenius 5 is the most advanced machine among the Airgenius lineups from Honeywell. We’ve selected the best one and here are the Honeywell Airgenius 5 air purifier reviews for an in-depth discussion on this flagship air purifier:

Honeywell Airgenius 5 Air Purifier Reviews

Honeywell AirGenius 5 air Purifier

Honeywell AirGenius 5 air Purifier

The AirGenius 5 is one of the best air purifiers from Honeywell that does its job with top of the line features. It can cover up to 1200 sq. ft. of space and clean the air with great efficiency. Besides, it has an AHAM rating of 250 sq ft/hour for any polluted rooms. You’ll get a 5-level cleaning process with this great air purifier that captures 99.9% of the airborne pollutants.

It captures the VOCs and other harmful pathogens in your room quite smartly with multiple cleaning speed levels. There are 5 different speed levels of cleaning starting from sleep mode up to the maximum level for extreme cleaning. You can also set it for germ control setting if you’re suffering from flu or cold. It also runs on allergen control or general purification mode for respiratory patients and regular users.

You’ll also get a night lamp inside this air purifier to help you sleep better combined with the timer. The timer has 2-12 hours of settings to set a period to turn off after that. Furthermore, it has a dedicated indicator that lets you know when to clean the filters by washing and reusing them. All these controls are touch capacitive and you can effortlessly use it without having to press any buttons.

What Are The Technical Specifications?

  • Coverage: Room size up to 112m² (1200 sq. ft)
  • Noise level: Up to 48dB Quiet operation
  • Filtration levels: 5 speed (with optional oscillation)
  • Timer: Yes, 2 – 12 hours with auto shut-off
  • Filtration: 99.9% filtration rate
  • Filter type: ifD filter (washable and reusable)
  • Night light: Yes, with night mode
  • Cleaning cycles: 4 times per year
  • Control mode: Intuitive touch button controls
  • Night light: Yes, soft accent lighting with dimmer
  • Filter Check reminder: Yes, electronic
  • AHAM: Yes, 250 sq. ft.
  • CADR Ratings:  Yes, 161-smoke, 160-dust, 170-pollen
  • Certification: Yes, CARB and Energy Star qualified

Honeywell AirGenius Features:

  • The Airgenius 5 has reusable filters with an LED service indicator to wash 4 times a year.
  • It has ifD filters, pre-filters, and carbon filters to clean 99.9% of the airborne pollutants.
  • There are 5 fan speeds and 5 cleaning settings in this air purifier for different situations.
  • You can set 2 to 12 hours of a timer to turn the purifier off on its own with sleep mode.
  • It also offers an intuitive touch screen control to operate the air purifier.
  • Plenty of certifications with AHAM and CARD Ratings
  • Cleans up to 99.9% of airborne pollutants
  • Only 48dB of noise at the maximum fan speed
  • Intuitive touch screen control panel
  • Multiple purification settings with 5 fan speeds
  • There’s no remote control option

How Do You Use It?

Using the Honeywell Airgenius 5 is fairly easy if you know the things to follow in the process. Here are the steps you should know if you’re using this air purifier for the first time:

  • As this air purifier has a tower design, it may fall if bumped. Therefore, place the purifier in a place where it’s not going to bump with people or other things while moving around.
  • Open up the frontal cover of the machine, remove the plastic covers off the iFD filter and the pre-filter. Attach them to the machine again and plug it into a regular 120V wall socket.
  • Now, power it up with the power button on the control panel and the purifier should start and the panel lights up. Then, adjust the fan speed accordingly, and see if the panel is working well.
  • Once you have it working well, you need to keep the filters clean from time to time for optimal service. The regular cleaning period is 4 times a year by washing the pre-filter and the iFD filters.
  • Vacuum the whole interior when you’re washing the main filters as well as the front and back grills. It’ll give your air purifier a long life span and keep clean your home air more efficiently.

How Often Do Filters Need to Be Changed?

The best part about the Honeywell AirGenius 5 is that it comes with washable and reusable air filters. You’ll get a dedicated service indicator on the touch control panel of this air purifier. This indicator will let you know when to open the machine and clean the filters inside. Tap the indicator button and it’ll let you know which contamination level the filters are in now.

How Often Do Filters Need to Be Changed

How Do You Clean It?

If the indicator suggests to clean the filter, here are a few steps you need to know to do that:

Taking the filters out:

First, go ahead and turn the machine off before you get into the machine. Put a mask to protect your breathing and take the machine outside for a good cleaning. After that, open the frontal and back lid with grills from the machine by prying them gently. Take the iFD filter as well as the pre-filter out of the machine. If you’re using the optional odor filter, get that out as well and the machine should be empty.

Clean them well:

Once you have the filters out, rinse the iFD filter under clean water; make sure the water is lukewarm. Repeat the process for the pre-filter as well as the odor filter until they don’t drip any dirty water. After that, bow air or vacuum the visible internals of the air purifier to clean the body. In the mean time, let the filters dry completely and never re-assemble an air purifier with damp filters in it.

Put it back together:

Once dried, put the filters back in the filter by reversing the steps you followed while opening it. This way, you’ll ensure that no part’s going undone and everything should go in smoothly without forcing. After putting them back, plug the machine again and turn it on; everything should work like new. Check the service indicator on the control panel to see it’s showing no service needed.

Final Verdict: Is This Air Purifier for You?

Honeywell air purifiers are good in general and the Airgenius lineup is their premium segment. But when you’re looking for the best in the line, the AirGenius 5 is hands down the best model. Our expert team has put the other models into comparison and this one was the one to outperform others.

We hope that the Honeywell Airgenius 5 air purifier reviews has proved the worth of your investment. In a nutshell, if you want an air purifier without recurring investments in filters every few months, go for it. It doesn’t need you to buy expensive replacement filters; rather you clean them with water. Not only that, you’re getting an intuitive touch screen control which makes it even easier to operate.

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