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The air inside your house is way more contaminated than the air outside with more pathogens and pollutants. When it comes to purifying the air, Nuk is a name of art in air filtration with appealing esthetics. They have some amazing features to their air purifier and this Nuk air purifier review will help you know them.

If you’re tired of changing filters every few months with extra cost to air filtration, this article is for you. Nuk doesn’t only eliminate recurring filter replacement, but also offers a few more cutting-edge solutions for homeowners. Stick with us to know what made them so popular and why you should go with Nuk technology for your home air purification.

Nuk Air Purifier Reviews

Nuk has a few lineups for home purification, we’ve researched them all and selected their HEPA-type purifier for legit reasons. Here’s the Nuk air purifier review to help you as well to know this air purifiers’ working process before buying:

NUK Hepa-Type Air Purifier

NUK Hepa-Type Air PurifierIf you need an air purifier for dust mites, pollens, viruses, bacteria, and pathogens, a HEPA filter is mandatory. This air purifier from Nuk comes with a highly efficient HEPA filter that does more than just filtering dust and mites. It keeps you and your family safe from hazardous diseases that cause problems to your lungs and respiratory organs.

It captures 99% of the airborne pollutants to size down to 0.3 microns which makes it a perfect choice for nursing homes. The best part about this filter unlike other similar air purifiers is it’s cleanable and reusable for a long time. You’ll have a service indicator that shows when the filter needs servicing alongside many other indicators. Furthermore, the purifier has an optional ion generator to rejuvenate you by eliminating the positive ions.

For the filtration process, this purifier comes with 3 levels of fan speed depending on the purification necessity. None of the speed levels are too loud for even a baby room, not to mention the soothing amber nightlight. If you’re sitting in a child’s room, it also offers a white noise option to put the child asleep faster. Don’t worry about hazards because Nuk includes a child-resistant plug lock mechanism to keep your kid safe.


  • Filtration technology: 360° HEPA filter
  • Filter Type: Reusable, vacuum clean
  • Other purification: Yes, negative ion generator
  • Fan speed levels: 3 levels, with LED indicators
  • Filter checking: Automated, with LED indicator
  • Safety feature: Child-resistant plug lock

NUK Hepa Features:

  • This air purifier comes with an all-directional HEPA filter that cleans up to 99% of viruses, bacterias, and other pollutants.
  • The HEPA filter is reusable; you can vacuum the filter when the led indicator for filter cleaning turns on.
  • It offers 3 fan speed levels to clean the air for different room sizes along with 3 speed level indicators.
  • You will get a Child-resistant plug lock with this air purifier to keep your kids safe from the electric plug.
  • It also has a negative ion generator to make the air in your room healthier by trapping the positive ions.
  • Reusable HEPA filter
  • Automatic filter cleaning indicator
  • White music and ambient light
  • Child-resistant plug lock
  • Built-in negative ion generator
  • Doesn’t have an activated carbon filter

How to Use This?

Using the Nuk air purifier has a simple process yet a powerful output capability. Here are the steps you have to follow if you’re using the NUK air purifier for the first time:

Setting the Purifier:

To set the air purifier after unboxing, look for a clean, even surface to put it on. It’s necessary to have a clean and clutter-free space under the purifier to help it intake the air easily. After setting the purifier on the floor, plug it into a regular 120V electric outlet to power the machine. Now, simply press the power button on the control panel to start the air purifier.

Adjusting Fan Speed:

After pressing the power button, the air purifier will power up on the highest fan setting. You can tweak the fan using the respective buttons for either medium or low from the high option. Depending on the room size you’re setting the Nuk air purifier, you can select any of these three options. The fan speed also determines how fast you get rid of the pollutants. The faster you run it, the quicker you get your room cleaned.

Using the Features:

The Nuk air purifier comes with a few special features which you can operate right on the control panel. To use the negative ion generator, press the ionizer button right after the power button. You’ll smell the ozone when the machine starts to generate the ion. If you want to use the soothing night light, press the nightlight button as indicated. These functions are all optional and don’t activate unless you press the buttons.

Service Indicator:

There’s a service indicator LED light right next to the ion LED that indicates when to clean the HEPA filter. It does guesswork with regular estimation and determines when you have enough dust and debris on the filter. If you think the filter is performing just fine and you don’t want to clean it, you can reset it. Whenever the light indicates cleaning time, press the indicator button to postpone the cleaning task.

Cleaning the Filter:

If you want to clean the Nuk air purifier, you need to unplug the air purifier first. After that, take the filter outside, remove the filter cover from the bottom of the purifier by twisting anti-clockwise. Now, take the HEPA filter out of the main housing and vacuum it carefully. Don’t scratch the filter and you don’t wash it either. If you wash it accidentally, don’t put it back while it’s still damp; rather dry it completely before inserting it.

What Is the Best Place to Put an Air Purifier?

Putting the air purifier in an optimal place is important as an optimal result depends on that. Here are the things you must know before you place your air purifier in your house if you want the best results:

What Is the Best Place to Put an Air Purifier

Which room to place it in?

The best place to put an air purifier in the bedroom because we spend a minimum of 7-8 hours sleeping in there. It’s where you need the most purification to stay healthy while you’re sleeping. The kitchen can be the next place because it’s where most odor, smoke, rotten food, mold, etc. pollute the air. You can also put it in the living room if you stay there the most.

How to find the right place?

Now you have the right room to place your air purifier, it’s time to find an optimal place for it. Well, the rule of thumb is to put near to the source of the pollutants. That way, it can eliminate the pollutants before even spreading throughout the air. If most of the pollutants come through the door, you can put it there as well to pre-clean the air.

Size does matter!

Mind the size of your room before you put the air purifier in the first place. You should measure your room sizes and the coverage capability of the air purifier as well. An air purifier with smaller coverage cannot clean the room at all. On the contrary, a bigger air purifier will over purify the purified air over and over, burning your bills.

Therefore, be sure the purifier has just the right coverage with a little extra to cover the room.

Final Verdict

Nuk surely has a ton of promising features in its air purifier, especially the reusable filters and ambient lightings. Besides, its safety concern for your kids makes it a reliable manufacturer to make safe electronics as well! We hope that this Nuk air purifier review helped you know it inside-out and helped you understand how to use it, too.

Whether you use it in your living room, kitchen, or bedroom, have enough breathing space for it. Never put the air purifier into a narrow corner where it cannot intake the air at a 360° angle. Put it 6-ft near to your head if you’re using it while sleeping and use the low fan speed mode.

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