Do Air Purifiers Cool Down A Room – Yes or No?

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Do Air Purifiers Cool Down A Room? An air purifier functions by circulating air in an enclosed place through its air filters. This tells you that an air purifier does not act as a fan hence cannot cool down a room. If this device directs airflow towards you, you may feel cooler, but that is not the usual cooling of a room. Air purifiers are not air conditioners; hence do not expect them to cool down a room.

If you have been harboring the notion that an air purifier will work as a fan, you are every mistaken. That’s why you end up asking, do air purifiers cool down a room? By now, you should have known the sole purpose of an air purifier is to clean a room and maintain quality air. This is different from the function of a fan, which is to distribute cool air in a specified place. 

Do Air Purifiers Cool Down A Room?

You might be asking, do air purifiers cool down a room? No, they don’t because they don’t act as a fan that pushes air around. An air purifier cleans the air and not cooling it down; that’s the difference. This device works efficiently to purify the air around you, eliminating 99% of harmful air pollutants. An air purifier enhances air quality, making you enjoy excellent health not just for you but for everyone around you.

Do Air Purifiers Cool Down A Room

Air purifiers facilitate the circulation of air in a room, within no time, no matter how vast the room is.  That is how you ensure that fresh air is maintained and purified, eliminating particles of pollution. Even though air purifiers do not cool down a room, they do an excellent job of air purification. This is a must-have device in every home because of the presence of odor that cannot be avoided in the house. 

Why Air Purifiers Cannot Cool Down A Room?

As you start familiarizing yourself with air purifiers, you will realize that they cannot cool a room because it lacks the mechanism to do so. Even though some air purifiers come with an inbuilt fan, it is not meant for cooling down a room; instead, it distributes clean air.  You will notice that air purifiers are not equipped with any cooling technology hence cannot perform as such.

Even though some air purifiers have fans, they don’t have the energy nor airflow capacity meant to cool down a room. This declares an air purifier utterly ineffective as it pertains to cooling down a room. Air purifiers are only effective in doing away with air pollutants and maintaining indoor air quality. Air purifiers cannot cool down a room because they lack a cooling unit, so no matter what, they cannot change the temperature of a room. 

How Can I Cool Down My Room?

When your house is filled with so much heat, it causes discomfort making you look for ways to bring down the temperatures. Cooling your home fast entails the right equipment and skills to push away warm air and allow cool air to flow.

How can I cool down my room

Here Are Some Of The Ways That You Can Cool Down Your Room:

Switch on the ceiling fan:

You will be amazed at how effective ceiling fans can be.  Turn on your ceiling fan and see it working to cool the room quickly to your astonishment. While on that, adjust the settings on your ceiling fan to the highest setting.


To cool down your room, you must turn on your fan. Many people own more than one fan, just ensure that you turn them all on. This will cause a wind-chill effect meaning the warm air is being replaced by cool air.

Open the windows:

When heat is troubling you, especially at night, try opening up the windows. Temperatures tend to go down at night; hence, opening the window helps in bringing in cool air. Capitalize on this by ensuring that before you sleep, you leave your windows open. 

Sources of light:

Every source of light is designed to emit some heat; that cannot be argued. Why not try minimizing your sources of heat or better keeping them dim when you can. Switch off LED lights that are notorious in producing a lot of heat.

Air conditioning unit:

If the heatwave is taking its toll on you, install an air conditioning unit that works effectively to cool down a room. Using an air conditioning unit is the fastest way to cool down your room bring back that comfortable feeling that you always enjoy.

Day-night blinds:

Regulating the amount of light getting into a room that receives constant sunlight can be quite frustrating. You may consider investing in blinds that will minimize the amount of heat your room is receiving. Ordinary blinds will not work efficiently, while blackout curtains will bring in darkness. That is why you should get day night blinds that work by blocking the light completely. This means your room will not receive any heat that way, keeping it cool.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do air purifiers have fans?

Some air purifiers have fans, while others don’t have. However, it is essential to note that these are not the kind of fans meant for cooling down a room.

Do air purifiers make noise?

Typically, an air purifier makes ambient noise though the noise varies depending on the purifier’s operating speed. 

Are air purifiers a waste of money?

Air purifiers are not a waste of money because they are valuable devices that are worth investing in.

Final Thought

Quality air is crucial, considering that it guarantees a healthy life. This is what an air purifier delivers, improvement of air quality in your house. Without this device, you may end up being prone to diseases associated with air pollution. Those are the tasks that an air purifier can do and cannot cool don a room.

The question that is usually in many people’s minds is, do air purifiers cool down a room? We have explained in detail that an air purifier is not tasked with cooling down a room. This is because it does not come with a cooling unit that works to cool down a room. What an air purifier is mandated with is cleaning and purifying the air in your house.

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