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An air purifier is a device that has purposely designed to clean air and not cool the room. Even though many air purifiers come with a fan, it is not meant to cool down air rather pull air in for filtration. The fact of the matter is an air purifier cannot change room temperature, notwithstanding the speed of the fan. The purpose of this device is to filter and circulate clean air in a given place.

A typical air purifier features an inbuilt motor fan and multiple filters meant to do away with harmful airborne particles. For an air purifier to act as cooler, it must have a condenser coil as a cooling unit which it doesn’t have. So far, the question, does air purifier cool the room has already been answered since this device does not cool the room. Hopefully, this misconception has been cleared with clarity.

Are Air Purifiers The Same As Fans?

If you had an idea of how an air purifier works, you would know that it is more than a fan. It is very easy to confuse an air purifier for a fan because they typically work by moving air in a room. Though an air purifier can circulate air in a specified room, it cannot do so at speed, similar to an electric fan. The only similarity between an air purifier and a fan is they both work to circulate air.

Does Air Purifier Cool The Room

An air purifier is indeed an electrical device, just like a fan designed to circulate air while eliminating pollutants. Some air purifier features an electric fan whose mandate is to suck in the polluted air. It filters this air then releases it back, having cleaned it appropriately. This is not how a fan works because its purpose is to change the temperature of a given place. 

Does The Air Purifier Cool The Room?

There are no air-cooling mechanisms in air purifiers to make them cool air in a room. If you have been wondering, does air purifier cool the room, well, it doesn’t. In as much as an air purifier is a fan, it does not cool air; instead, it circulates the air. Not all air purifiers have a fan meaning their performance is not affected by the lack of a fan. 

Does the air purifier cool the room

What To Bear In Mind:

  • An air purifier does not have a cooling unit; hence there is in no way it can perform similar to a fan. The cooling unit in a fan works to cool down the air temperature in a given place. So, does air purifier cool the room? Let us put it simply that an air purifier cannot.
  • The air circulation process performed by an air purifier can make you have a cooling breeze effect but not compared to what a fan delivers. This process makes your room feel colder, which often happens when chilly air blows over you. Nevertheless, that should not be confused with the cool air that a fan produces.
  • It is important to note that an air purifier doesn’t function as a fan because it was not designed to change the room temperature. Instead, an air purifier is meant to clean air by doing away with harmful air pollutants.
  • You should note that not all air purifiers have a fan to push in air. They do so by using filters to purify unclean air. Some air purifiers have fans, but with low CADR meaning, they cannot affect air temperature at all. 


  • An air purifier is not able to keep up with high-speed airflow like a fan. The flow of air is hugely reduced by the presence of filters in an air purifier.
  • Air purifiers cannot cool the room because the airflow is limited, unlike for a fan whose airflow extends greatly to cool down the room.
  • The capacity required to circulate enough air in a room is only present in a fan and not an air purifier.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I sleep with the air purifier on?

Yes, you can sleep with an air purifier because, as you sleep, it still works to clean the air around you. Air purification is a continuous process, and the best part is there are no effects that an air purifier can cause as you sleep.

Can an air purifier make you sick?

An air purifier should not make you sick; instead, it should help you do away with ill health. This device works to do away with harmful pollutants that can make you sick.

How long does it take an air purifier to clean a room?

An air purifier can clean a room effectively within 30 minutes. If it’s a large area that needs cleaning, this device can take up to two hours to cover the entire place.

Final Thought

Many people tend to think that air purifiers are fans because air purifiers circulate air in a given room. However, we can draw the line, thereby putting it categorically that an air purifier is not a fan; instead, it is more than a fan. So, if you have been asking yourself, does air purifier cool the room? The answer is it doesn’t; it aims to purify the air, period.

If you want to cool the room, you better purchase an electric fan because an air purifier will not be of help. Air purifiers are not cooling equipment; instead, they are air purification equipment that ensures that you are surrounded by clean air throughout. I believe that this article has cleared the misconception of an air purifier cooling the room. 

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