Will An Air Purifier Help With Ferret Smell Problems?

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Ferrets make great pets, but, unfortunately, they smell. There is no way around this stinky fact of life. Air purifiers can do a lot of great things for us, but will an air purifier help with ferret smell problems?

Yes, air purifiers can help with ferret smells. Ferrets release gases from their bodies for a variety of reasons. This is even if the ability to release those gases has been surgically removed, often referred to as “descented. However, only one type of air purifier filter can help with ferret smells. They are called activated carbon filters, which are found in many types of air purifiers. You’ll want to get as big of a carbon filter as you can and make sure you replace them according to manufacturer recommendations.

Why Ferrets Smell

A ferret outside.

There are numerous reasons why ferrets can smell. The first reason is that all ferrets, like many animals, are born with anal glands that help them to mark their territory. When marking that territory the anal glands produce a powerful-smelling fluid with a smell that can remain long after.

Thankfully for us, many ferrets sold from pet stores have these glands removed, commonly referred to as “descented” (as in their scent has been removed). However, ferrets can still smell. This can be due to a lack of bathing on our part, getting into something smelly on their part, or the fact that even with the anal glands removed they still have other glands in their bodies that release a natural kind of musky smell. Unneutered or unspayed ferrets also smell stronger than their neutered or spayed counterparts.

In short, ferrets are smelly and they have lots of reasons for it too. They are not going to stop being smelly anytime soon. For more information or how to take care of ferret smell in general, check out this page. They have lots of great ideas to help you with this frustrating problem.

Air Purifiers And Smells

Air purifier maybe showing how will an air purifier help with ferret smells.

Overview Of Air Purifiers And Smells

Air purifiers are defined by the types of filtration systems (what types of filters they’re using and how many) they use and how effective those systems are. Most air purifiers and filtration systems are designed to filter particles of certain sizes. These are things like dust, dander, and so on. Many air purifiers are great at doing so, which helps improve our health. Sadly though, when it comes to smells, there’s only one type of filter that works.

Activated Carbon Filters

Adsorbent filters are the only filter that can take care of smells. Adsorbent filters use a process called adsorption, which is different from absorption. To absorb something, the thing being absorbed must become part of the thing that’s absorbing it. To adsorb something, the thing being adsorbed sticks to the surface of the thing adsorbing it.

This is where activated carbon filters come in. Activated carbon filters are a common type of adsorbent filter that many air purifiers use to filter odors (although not all). Activated carbon filters have lots of pores that draw in air and provide more surface area for the pollutants to stick to.

When looking for an air purifier with a good activated carbon filter, just know that the more pounds of carbon in the filter, the more effective it will be because of the greater surface area. Also, carbon filters have limits. When they hit those limits, they start releasing the captured gases. Replace them according to manufacturer recommendations for best results.

Air Purifiers And Ferret Smells

So, will an air purifier help with ferret smells? Yes, just so long as they have an activated carbon filter. In fact, air purifiers can help with lots of pet smells, from dogs to cats to all sorts of others.

In Summary: Will An Air Purifier Help With Ferret Smells?

Ferret smells just aren’t going to go away, no matter what we do. We still love them anyway and treat them as part of our families because they are great creatures that provide us with lots of great memories. There are, of course, things you can do to get rid of a ferret smell aside from buying an air purifier, but getting an air purifier has more benefits than just removing smells, such as improving our health by removing particles in our indoor air.

Will an air purifier help with ferret smell problems though? Yes, they will although, as of now, only activated carbon filters do, so make sure you get an air purifier that has one. Make sure the amount of carbon is as big as possible too, that way it can capture more gases, such as ferret smells, and don’t forget to replace those filters according to manufacturer recommendations.

We’re curious though, have you found another solution to minimize, or even remove, ferret smells? What are your crazy ferret stories? Let us know in the comments below!

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