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How Can You Improve Indoor Air Quality? (Top 10 Tips

Bad indoor air quality can really affect people’s health, so how can you improve indoor air quality? By improving ventilation, getting an air purifier, cleaning regularly and safely, doing source control, running exhaust fans, limiting aerosols and scented items, not smoking, testing for radon, regularly changing air filters, and controlling humidity.

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Do Air Purifiers Get Rid Of Smells?

No one likes bad smells. Can air purifiers help with this? Do air purifiers get rid of smells? Only one type can, which is an air purifier with an activated carbon filter. These filters trap gases against their surface, but need to be bigger and replaced according to manufacturer recommendations. Other ways to help with smells include improving ventilation, using natural cleaners, and removing the causes of those smells.

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8 Best Tips For Where To Place Air Purifier (And Bonus Tips!)

Air purifiers need to placed in certain spots otherwise they don’t run as well. What are those spots? Where do you place an air purifier? The best tips are to place it where there’s good airflow, remove anything blocking that airflow, close all room exits, place it near the source of air pollutants, place it off the ground (unless it’s big), keep it away from some electronics, keep it away from moisture and humidity, and move it around every so often.

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Do Air Purifiers Help With COVID?

Our lives have forever changed because of COVID, but the quality of those lives doesn’t have to. There are ways to help keep yourself safe from COVID. What are those ways? Do air purifiers help with COVID? They do, but by themselves they aren’t enough to keep you from getting COVID. We recommend following all CDC guidelines in addition to getting an air purifier. That will give you the best chance of staying safe.

The Answer To The Air Purifier Open Window Question

How can you most improve the quality of your indoor air? What about running an air purifier and leaving the windows open at the same time? Does that work? This is the air purifier open window question. While you can leave the windows open while running an air purifier, it’s not recommended as it reduces the effectiveness of the air purifier.