Do Air Purifiers Make The Air Dry?

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Air purifiers are becoming more important and widely used appliances. This is for good reason as they help remove a variety of air pollutants from wherever they’re being used. They aren’t perfect though, so it’s natural to wonder with how they treat the air, do air purifiers make the air dry?

Thankfully, the answer to this question is quite simple. No, air purifiers do not make the air dry. Air purifiers do not affect the humidity levels in the air at all. This is because they have nothing built into their systems to suck moisture out of the air, so they can’t affect the humidity. This, in addition to the benefits they do provide, makes air purifiers all the better.

What Do Air Purifiers Do Then?

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Assuming you’re not as familiar with air purifiers or would like a quick refresher, just know that on a basic level air purifiers improve the quality of indoor air. They can be placed or installed anywhere in a house, office, or other building. They also come in different shapes, sizes, and types.

No matter what kind of air purifier you get though, any good air purifier will draw in the air from wherever it’s placed, filter out as many pollutants as it’s designed for, then push the cleaner air back out. Ultimately, this improves your health in several ways (including allergies) and doesn’t make you sick, as some may worry.

Other Facts About Air Purifiers

Did you know that air purifiers can also remove odors? Unfortunately, not everything having to do with air purifiers is positive though. For example, some air purifiers can get pretty expensive, with some even costing over $1,000. There’s also the cost of replacing filters to consider if you go with a model that has them replaceable.

Still, with the right level of research, you can find the right air purifier for you. To be better informed, below are some recent reviews that go into more depth with specific features of air purifiers.

The Facts On Dry Air

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Although air purifiers don’t cause or increase the likelihood of dry air, as you consider how to best improve the quality of your air, it’s worth knowing the facts about it.

First of all, dry air can happen in your home even without an air purifier contributing. For example, dry air is more likely during the winter, when air gets drier as a result of less moisture. Air conditioning can cause dry air through its treatment of the air too.

Dry air can have effects on your health as well, some of which you’ve likely already experienced. There are common symptoms, such as the dry mouth and chapped lips. There’s also the possibility of sore throats, nosebleeds, and cracking skin.

That’s not all either. Dry air can also worsen the symptoms of conditions such as asthma, eczema, and bronchitis. All in all, dry air isn’t very friendly to us, so being aware of its causes and effects is an important part of anyone’s health.

In Summary: Do Air Purifiers Make The Air Dry?

Air purifiers are great at what they do. They help improve our health by removing pollutants from the air, but does that mean air purifiers do anything else to our air? Make it worse in some way?

Dry air can happen for a variety of reasons ranging from the season to air conditioning, and it can affect your health too. Do air purifiers make the air dry too though? Thankfully, no, they do not affect the air being dry because nothing in their design allows them to draw moisture out of the air. We’re curious though, what’s your experience with air purifiers been? We’d love to hear your stories in the comments below!

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